Angelic voice. Angelic look. Sings Jazz like no one else. She is Lisa Ekdahl. But her Swedish albums (much better than the English albums) are so difficult to get. Frustrating!


Just couldn't resist stealing a photo from the fabulous website of Candy Kan, just to show you what a great job she has done with Blythe. Her current "Blythe Photo Gallery" web address seems a temporary one, so it's better clicking on the picture below to go to her "Tiny Witch World", choose "home", then "toys", then "Blythe". You may fall in love with her (Blythe I mean) at first sight!

Two Kyoto pictures from Raymond. Could the caption for the first picture, taken at the Jishu Shrine, be: "But the times when we were happy, were the times we never tried."?


May be I should visit the Manchester United, Arsenal, Real Madrid and Barcelona football clubs during the trip. Sounds exciting!



Itinerary for the March Euro trip:

5/3 depart from HK
6-9/3 Manchester, UK
10/3 Dublin, Ireland
11-12/3 Galway
13-14/3 Killarney
15/3 Waterford
16/3 Dublin
17-20/3 London, UK
21/3 Madrid, Spain
22-23/3 Seville
24-25/3 Granada
26/3 Cordoba
27-28/3 Madrid
29-31/3 Barcelona
1/4 London, UK
2/4 fly back to HK


I like the iPod and would love to have one. But I always thought that it's a pity if it can only be used as a portable music player. With it huge memory, wouldn't it be wonderful if it can double as a mobile hard disc to store, for example, digital photos taken during a holiday? Now I know that with an accessory called Belkin Media Reader, I can do exactly that. So, just take the digital cam, the iPod and the media reader on holiday, and there will be guaranteed fun!


A preview (Lake Mashu 摩周湖) of Raymond's photo album on Hokkaido. More to come. Enjoy!


唉,國際書展 (貝嶺, 12/2/04):「由於多年來台北國際書展的「超級大賣場」的型態已成為慣例,而且大多數出版社已經養成在書展上大拍賣、拚業績的惡性胃口下,明年的台北國際書展能夠脫胎換骨嗎?我悲觀!」





This year, on 17 March, I should be in Dublin to enjoy the St. Patrick's Day parade!

To know more about the event, go to the official site of St. Patrick's Festival 2004.


How can you resist the temptation to buy the newly released recording of Brahms and Schumann by this combination of artists: Argerich, Kremer, Bashmet and Maisky! The picture below links to a BBC review of this CD.


BW photos of Angkor Wat from EyesCoffee.com. The photos are very impressive, and so is the website itself:


Have just updated my page Research Notes on the Creative Industries, including a link to this publication:

Beyond Productivity: Information, Technology, Innovation, and Creativity (Mitchell, Inouye, Blumenthal (eds), Committee on Information Technology and Creativity, National Research Council)
Planning my month-long Euro-trip in March. Shall visit Madrid and Andalusia (10 days), Ireland (7 days), Manchester (4-5 days) and London (as a base, spending a week or so in total there).