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While I usually try-out a large number of new sharewares and freewares, and write enthusiastically on some of them on this blog, not many turn out to be real goodies. Only two from recent months have become my must-haves, one of which is Gmail. The other one is Firefox.

Firefox has already become my default browser. However, I still have to keep Internet Explorer just to test the "look" of my webpages and blogs (tyranny of the majority!). Moreover, blogger.com still has problem dealing with hspace between images under Firefox. That means, when I put two or more images on the same line in my blog entry, which is quite often, the images will show up with no gap between them under Firefox even though I have already set hspece="10". IE does not have this problem.

Perhaps most people are already aware of these but I only recently found out some more good features of Firefox which are extremely valuable to me. One is that I can easily add more search engines in my search bar. The addition of IMDB search, for example, is heaven for film lovers.

The second feature is the ease and convenience of using RSS on websites that offer such feeds. I just click on the RSS icon, save the page under Bookmark (I put these in a folder called Live Bookmark, but this is not absolutely necessary). And that is done. This entirely changed my earlier reluctance to using an RSS reader, which I consider as "more software, more nuisance".

Even putting the security issue aside, I can see no reason why Firefox 1.0 should not be a preferred browser over IE.

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  1. I'm hate those giants like Microsoft ... and that's why I've been die-hard fans of Netscape thought I've to switch to IE for obvious reason.

    Now Mozilla is back with the Firefox ... it seems that the world is full of hope again ... I've already installed that in my home PC but still figuring out areas that it is more superior to IE ... apart from RSS and search engine features, any other things that you like?

  2. First, I like the fact that it is not IE :-)

    Second, tabbed browsing is neat.

    Third, I was told that Firefox is safer and I believe it (touch wood, I have never had any security problems yet)

    Fourth, I hate the fact that MS almost stopped releasing improvements or newer versions once IE defeated Netscape