Look who's here - a cockatoo at the bird bath!

Our new bird bath has been frequented by the noisy miner for days now though we are not sure whether it has always been the same visitor. It usually comes several times during the day, diving its head down from the rim of the water bowl for the drink. Today, for the first time, they come in a pair. The nosiy miners are very alert and never stay long, flying away immediately after their refreshment or if they detect any movement around.

The cockatoo, however, is a very different visitor although he and his family has been our neighbour (living in a treehole nearby) for quite some time. Today was the first time we saw him coming for the water and he came twice. Unlike the noisy miner, the cockatoo stood on the head of the "grape boy" and drank from the top. He took his time for the drink and didn't seem to mind people around, so I was able to take pictures from a short distance.