A Guide to Happiness

Just watched Alain de Botton's 6-part DVD - Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness. In less than 30 minutes per episode, de Botton guides you through what the great philosophers have to say on some of the problems of everyday life (Socrates on self-confidence, Epicures on happiness, Seneca on anger, Montaigne on self-esteem, Schopenhauer on love, Nietzsche on hardship).

Based on his book The Consolations of Philosophy, this DVD continues a theme de Botton has been using throughout his writing life: examining how philosophy can still be relevant to modern day life and how we can learn from these dead and wise men in solving everyday yet eternal problems.

If, like what my friend Cathy says, The Consolations of Philosophy "offers a simple introduction to western philosophy, making the subject interesting for layman", then this DVD must be a simple introduction to the simple introduction to western philosophy.

Wouldn't it be nice if searching for happiness is as easy as watching a DVD?

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  1. Joseph, a million thanks for this post and your encouraging emails.