Novels in which Freud appears as a major character

Just read Cathy's review of a 1962 film on Freud. I have no idea that such a film exists!

I have always had some interest in psychology, and psychoanalysis in particular. Some years ago, I thought of compiling a list of novels in which Freud appears as a major character. But I quickly gave up the idea since I realised I was not up to the task. But I did mention about this in a September 2004 blog entry - Janet Malcolm's "In the Freud Archives":

I have also read a number of novels which featured Freud as a major character - e.g. D.M Thomas's "The White Hotel", Anthony Burgess' "The End of the World News" and Keith Oatley's "The Case of Emily V".

D.M Thomas "The White Hotel"

It is a dream of electrifying eroticism and inexplicable violence, recounted by a young woman to her analyst, Sigmund Freud.

Fugue and threnody, it interlaces history and the craving of brutality, in the case-history of Lisa Erdman, a patient of Freud's. And travelling through the intricate patterns of her being, the reader is sent on an odyssey that seeks refuge beyond the nightmare of the twentieth century.

Anthony Burgess "The End of the World News"

The dying Freud hustled out of Vienna into exile. A Broadway musical on the subject of Trotsky in New York. The last throes of the planet Earth in AD 2000. These are all items on The End of the World News.

Keith Oatley "The Case of Emily V"

In the case of Emily V., two newly discovered manuscripts are published for the first time: one is an early case of psychoanalysis related by Sigmund Freud, the other is an account of an investigation by Sherlock Holmes. The two men met and the manuscripts were found together because - unknown to each other - they were both investigating a young Englishwoman, Emily Vincent.

I am sure there must be many others. Your input please.

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  1. Nicolle Rosen "Mrs. Freud - A Novel"

  2. Jed Rubenfeld "The Interpretation of Murder"

  3. Another Freud and Holmes novel:

    Nicholas Meyer "The Seven-Per-Cent Solution: Being a Reprint from the Reminiscences of John H. Watson, M.D."

  4. Jonathan Tel "Freud's Alphabet: A Novel"

  5. Israel Rosenfield "Freud's Megalomania"

  6. Norman Klein "Freud in Coney Island"

  7. A borderline case really.

    Irving Stone "The Passions of the Mind: A Biographical Novel of Sigmund Freud"

    What actually is a biographical novel anyway? It seems to me most biographies published nowadays are biographical novels.

  8. Looks like a "The Da Vinci Code" type thriller on psychoanalysis:

    Catherine Gildiner "Seduction"