Cheney spills the lemonade, and leaves someone else to clean it up

If you can spare the time to read an 8,000+ words article on this Dick, here it is:

Cheney: The Fatal Touch (Joan Didion, The New York Review of Books, Vol.53 No.15 5/10/06)

It was in some ways predictable that the central player in the system of willed errors and reversals that is the Bush administration would turn out to be its vice-president, Richard B. Cheney. Here was a man with considerable practice in the reversal of his own errors. He was never a star. No one ever called him a natural. He reached public life with every reason to believe that he would continue to both court failure and overcome it, take the lemons he seemed determined to pick for himself and make the lemonade, then spill it, let someone else clean up.