After more than 1,000 posts ...

... it's time for change, a big change. And you are looking at the end product.

To be honest, I didn't make the change just because I had posted more than 1,000 entries to this blog over the past 4 years (this is the 1,012th). It's just coincidental.

The fact is, I have always been using FTP to publish this blog to my own domain, but it has been a pain in the ass. It's OK if I do simple things such as posting new entries. But the hassle of going through the "publishing" process whenever I try to make changes to the setting or template really kills me.

Publishing under Blogspot is almost instantaneous and offers more fine-tuning options. I have been reluctant to move this blog to Blogspot until today because I always thought that it would be nice to keep everything under my joetsang.net domain.

But it is just impossible. Now I am using several external sites (Flickr, Yahoo Photos, Picasa, Snapfish, etc.) to store photos, and one for a guestbook (seldom used though). I just see no reason why I must keep all my blogs under one roof (in fact, I have already been using Blogspot to host two of my newer blogs).

But what drove me to make the move today was that more than one person reported that when they tried to load my blog under IE, the index page was just a blank one. I tried to find out the reason for that, but to no avail.

So, I thought, why not create a reincarnation of this blog? And I did!

You can continue to use the old address to access this blog, but updating your bookmark to the new Blogspot address provides a direct and quicker access.