Hatto husband's about-face

Having insisted that his wife's virtuoso recordings are genuine just one week ago, William Barrington-Coupe now admits that he did pass off piano CDs as wife's work (Telegraph, 27/2/07):

But William Barrington-Coupe insisted that he only did so to give Joyce Hatto hope as she was dying, and maintains that she knew nothing of the deception.

He said she had made recordings, but they were marred by grunts of pain as her ovarian cancer worsened and he began to insert excerpts of other recordings to hide the noises.

"In some cases it was only a matter of bars, but her playing in places just became a template. It was very complicated and difficult to do, but I just allowed myself to take longer passages than initially because it was easier to fit them in."

More details, as Gramophone reveals William Barrington-Coupe's confessional letter to BIS:

As he grew more adept at the practice, he began to take longer sections to ease the editing process, and discovered, he says, by accident how to digitally stretch the time of the source recordings to disguise the sound. He would, he says, use Hatto’s performances as a blueprint and source recordings which were along the same lines.