Level 5 water restrictions for Brisbane

Brisbane goes to level 5 (ABC, 9/3/07):

[Queensland's] south-east will move to level five water restrictions [on 10th April], making Brisbane the first capital city in Australia to be placed under the strict water saving regime, which includes a ban on all outdoor water use.

As the region's dam levels continue to fall, households are being called on to cut their water consumption by 20 per cent.

The Queensland Water Commission wants residents to cut their personal water use from 180 litres per person per day to 140.

And they want them to do it through measures like having a four-minute shower instead of a seven-minute one.

The restrictions focus on encouragement rather than enforcement methods, but households with high water consumption will be sent letters to "please explain" their excess consumption.

South-east Queenslanders will be banned from washing their cars and can only water their gardens twice a week.

Pool owners will have to use rainwater to fill up or pay to have water carted.

Outdoor showers will be turned off at beaches, and washing the outside of homes will be banned.

Water prices will rise from next year by an average of $71 a year.