Aerial shots of Fraser Island

During the full-day 4WD tour of Fraser Island, we opted to board a 6-seater plane for a fun fly over the island.

In my previous post, I mentioned that the 75 Mile Beach is the main thoroughfare for 4WDs on the island. Well, it is also the airport for small planes since we boarded and landed there as well.

The never-ending beach on the east coast of the island. The sea is rough and said to be infested with sharks. Swim there at your own peril.

Camcorder rather than camera is more suited to capture the 4WD traffic along the beach.

There are many fresh water lakes on the island which are great for swimming. I swam at Lake McKenzie, probably the most-visited one on the island.

Sandblows are caused by the gradual action of shifting sand across Fraser Island, killing the vegetation they cover along the journey. The look just like deserts on the island.


Lake McKenzie, where the sand is super fine and the water super clear.

A closer look at a sandblow. Note the dead trees half buried underneath it.