Shitty stuff, once again

I accidentally came across a blog post - Shitty stuff - I wrote more than two years ago.

In it, I quote Slavoj Zizek on toilet designs in different European countries:

In a traditional German toilet, the hole into which shit disappears after we flush is right at the front, so that shit is first laid out for us to sniff and inspect for traces of illness. In the typical French toilet, on the contrary, the hole is at the back, ie shit is supposed to disappear as quickly as possible. Finally, the American (Anglo-Saxon) toilet presents a synthesis, a mediation between these opposites: the toilet basin is full of water, so that the shit floats in it, visible, but not to be inspected.

That was what I wrote back then:

Well, I have never been to Germany, and I regret not having paid much attention to toilet design when I visited France. I always have the impression that there are only two types of toilets in the world: The full-of-water type in the more developed world, and the "no-water-no-hole toilet" in the more underdeveloped, agrarian world. Naive me!

Since then I have visited Germany for the first time and re-visited France. It's a pity that I can't recall anything different about toilet design in these two countries. Either theirs are just the usual Anglo-Saxon type, or I was just too absent-minded (or pre-occupied).

Can anyone enlighten me on this shitty stuff?


Some googling results:
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