A crazy idea - a side trip to Berlin!

Since I need to do a drop off at the Pisa Airport in the afternoon of 4/9, I suddenly had a crazy idea. Could there be cheap flights to a great European city, departing from Pisa and returning a few days later? It would be even greater if I can return to Rome to continue my last two legs of the Italy trip (Rome and the Amalfi Coast) before flying out on 16/9.

After browsing through Ryanair, EasyJet, SkyEurope and some others, I found a great package to Berlin (a city I have been looking forward to visiting). For just under 80 Euro, I'll fly with EasyJet to Berlin and returning in an early morning flight to Rome on 8/9.

An opportunity too good to miss. Flights booked.

Now I need to re-work my itinerary.