The Interpretation of Murder

I am a sucker for novels with Sigmund Freud as a character. Some months ago, I wrote about a few of such novels which I had read, and listed a few more which I hadn't, one of which being Jed Rubenfeld's "The Interpretation of Murder".

Now, Cathy has read it and liked it. "The Interpretation of Murder" is now on my "must-read" list.

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  1. Since I haven't read other fictions with Freud as a character, I can't compare whether The Interpretation of Murder is better or worse than the ones you have read. This is not an exceptionally good book but since you are a Freud fan, you should read it. :P

    I tried watching BBC's drama on Freud, but I only understood part of those "Austrian-accent" english. I need to try again some other time.

  2. I strongly recommend The White Hotel by D. M. Thomas. It is a masterpiece.

    And, a film based on this novel is going to hit the screens sometime in the 21th century.

    See: The White Hotel movie