Key dates of my Italy trip

13/8 Brisbane-Hong Kong
20/8 Hong Kong-London; London-Milan
16/9 Rome-Hong Kong
28/9 Hong Kong-Brisbane

I am planning to visit Milan/Lake Como/Bergamo, Verona/Bologna, Tuscany/Florence/Pisa, Cinque Terra, Assisi/Orvieto, the Amalfi Coast and Rome.

Hopefully, I can squeeze in a short China trip during my second stopover in Hong Kong.


Although I've been to Europe a number of times before, this coming trip will be my first encounter with European summer.

Late August must be a busy time for air travel. Both the Australia-HK and HK-Europe legs were very full and expensive. Took quite an effort to finalise a reasonably priced flight plan.

5 則留言:

  1. I seems a short trip by your standard. Only around 7 days in Italy!

    Let's have lunch or dinner together when you come to HK.

    P.S. I just arrived home from my U.S. trip yesterday.

  2. 4 weeks in italy, not one! :-)

    sure, let's organise a big gathering of current/ex TDC friends.

  3. You see! I'm adjusting to jet-lag and have misread the month of your trip. Four weeks! That's enviable.

  4. Why not go to Venice?
    In Tuscany you must stay in the farm houses (agriculture tourism is v. popular and well developed in Italy). They are very nice and you can try the local food. But then you will need a car...
    Make sure you book the visit time for Da Vinci's Last Supper in advance.

  5. We've been to Italy before (ages ago), staying in Florence, Rome and Venice, with day trips to Pisa and Milan. We both didn't like Venice - too touristically romatic, I guess.

    Yes, we are going to stay at a farmhouse in Tuscany and will rent a car. Never driven on the "other side" before, you know.