The ladies' man

Life of a ladies' man (Sarah Hampson, Globe and Mail, 26/5/07)

"I got this rap as a kind of ladies' man," he says lazily and without irony, at one point. "And as I say in one of the poems, it has caused me to laugh, when I think of all the lonely nights" at the monastery. "As if I'm the only guy who ever felt this way about women," he continues, with a smirk. "As if I'm the only person who ever had some sort of deep connection with the opposite sex."

"Believe me, what you want is someone to have dinner with," he advises on having a relationship later in life. "Sleep with from time to time, telephone every day or write. It's what you set up that is defeating. Make it very modest. And give yourself permission to make a few mistakes. You know, blow it a bit. Have a few drinks and fall into bed with somebody. It doesn't have to be the final thing."


(From Telegraph)

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Listen to Cohen-Anjani duet of Never Got to Love You and Whither Thou Goest (both from Leonard Cohen Presents Anjani Warsaw Concert, courtesy of Heck of a Guy).

You can also watch a video of them singing the same two songs at New York's Joe's Pub concert (from downtownTV.com). Youtube has quite a number of unauthorised videos of the concert.