Help you make it thru the night

The above are stamps of Leonard Cohen from Finalnd.

As I wrote in What if the night is long and you are depressed, as usual? You need Leonard Cohen by your side!

Finland is issuing a stamp in the honour of Leonard Cohen. Cohen, aka the poet laureate of pessimism, the grocer of despair, the godfather of gloom, the prince of bummers, "has an enormous following in Finland, where the nights are long and depression is said to be widespread."

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  1. I am surprised... Maybe I need to check out Finland... Has Canada ever issued stamps for Cohen?

  2. never been to finland (ok, next yr). but the finland as portraited in that wonderful japanese film 海鷗食堂 is sunny, a bit quirky, and certainly not depressing at all.

    still, if it is true that lots of finlanders love l.cohen, then i have to accept that finland is probably not funland.

  3. hey, the ladies' man should be on canadian dollar notes!