Trip planning: Day trip to Lake Como (from Milan)

Picturesque Lake Como is an inverted-Y shape lake north of Milan.

From Milan, take a train to Como. Trains leave from Milan's Stazione Centrale and Stazione Porta Garibaldi, and arrive at Como's San Giovanni station 30-60 minutes later. The ferry terminal, at Piazza Cavour, is just a 10-15 minute walk from the station.

Sights in Como
- Duomo
- Piazza Cavour

From Como, travel to Bellagio by bus or ferry.

Sightseeing in Bellagio
- Bellagio is a beautiful hilly town on the promentory where Lake Como separates into two branches.
- Because of its location, it offers a good view of the whole lake.
- Some of the best views can be seen from the park of Villa Serbelloni and from the top of Monte San Primo.

There are ferry services which link up Bellagio, Menaggio (on the western shore) and Varenna (on the eastern shore)

To go straight Centro Largo towns, take the train from Milan to Varenna (1-2 hours).

Possible itinerary:

Milan -(train)- Como -(fast ferry)- Bellagio -(ferry)- Menaggio -(ferry)- Varenna -(train)- Milan

Skip Menaggio if time is tight (or spend a short while in Como).

Lake Como ferry
- Fast ferry from Como to Bellagio takes 1 hour (€11), while slow ferry takes twice as long (€7.8).
- Fare for ferries between Bellagio – Menaggio - Varenna is €3.4 per trip. Day pass is also available.

Frommer's: Lake Como: Region in Brief

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