Dumb media

Palacio prank catches media (ITV Football News, 18/7/07)

The international media has been tricked by a group of football fans in a scheme cooked up on an internet messageboard.

A blog claiming to be run by and on behalf of Boca Juniors fans began by reporting that the Gunners were interested in Argentinian Rodrigo Palacio.

Various Arsenal forums were also spammed with rumours of the striker who has scored 39 goals in 79 appearances for Boca and has won five caps for his country.

It didn't take long for the national press to jump on the bandwagon.

'Palacio, 25, will fly into London tomorrow after Boca accepted the Gunners' offer' announced the Daily Telegraph, who along with The Independent published the story on Tuesday.

They were far from alone - the BBC and Daily Mail also ran the news.

The Sun were amongst the hardest stung within the British media, announcing on Monday that 'all obstacles have been removed after Arsenal came in with a record-breaking offer', while Sky Sports News announced it as a done deal.

By Tuesday morning, the story had been repeated in newspapers as far afield as Argentina, Japan and Spain.


This is the blog: Boca Juniors News (which has since reverted to its original name: Sinbad). From the blogger:

Well what can i say...The best rumor in the history of rumors has come to an end.

A harsh lesson for all Gooners and a moral behind the story.
Dont believe anything until its on Arsenal.com

Just to prove how easy it could be to start up a rumor about a player signing for Arsenal i did so with a simple blog and a few posts on a few busy Arsenal forums.

So next time a rumor starts about a player coming over to have a medical...Think!!

And thanks to the sun for running an EXCLUSIVE...hehe

Can i also say that i mean no harm to Arsenal or Boca fans or indeed Mr Palacio. God bless you all.

Good luck and have a great season.....Sinbad