4 Weeks in Italy

In a fortnight's time, we'll be in Milan, the first leg of our "4 Weeks in Italy" trip. Originally, we planned to use a whole month to re-visit just one country - Italy. While sticking more or less to the original plan, we decided to make a brief detour to Berlin during the middle of the trip.

We first visited Italy in late 1993. That was the time when we just got our Australian citizenship. That was also the time when I was about to start working for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. And yes, that was the time when we were young(er).

I can still remember that the trip covered several Italian cities, Paris and London. From the dozens of photos I have of that trip, I know that we visited Venice, Rome, Florence, Pisa and Milan. The weather then was quite unfavourable, with either overcast or rainly days throughout. For example, the memory I have of the day trip to Milan was that it was a rainy day. We had nothing to do, and decided to climb to the top of the Duomo. Well, the good thing was, despite being soaked to the bone, we had the whole roof top for ourselves.

Anyway, this time we are going to visit Milan (using it as a base for day trips), Cinque Terre, Florence, Tuscany (staying in a farmhouse), Rome and the Amalfi Coast. No Venice. Perhaps we are in the minority, but neither of us like this city. Horses for courses, I guess.

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