"Back from the dead" iPod

Didn't I mention that my iPod dropped dead all of a sudden?

I tried pressing buttons, pressing and holding buttons, using the charger to revive it, connecting it to the computer, ... Nothing worked. Tried again a few days later. Nothing worked. Tried again a few days later. Nothing worked.

Had to conclude that the "blank screen" iPod was dead. Gone.

Last night, when reading the New York Times online, I came across an article titled Don’t Throw Out Your Broken iPod; Fix It via the Web.

No, I didn't try opening the lid and inserting a folded piece of paper. But it gave me hope that may be there's a cure for it after all. So I googled "dead ipod blank screen". I wouldn't say I came across many promising suggestions. Still, with nothing to lose, I tried, as suggested, pushing the button to "hold" then back, pressing and holding the "menu" and "select" buttons simultaneously, pushing the button to "hold" then back. And some other things as well. Nothing happened. It still stared at me with a blank face.

Then I put it in the charger. Lo and behold, the apple logo returned. And it sang me songs ...

Yes, my iPod came back from the dead, and I had no idea why.