Here comes autumn

Today is officially the start of autumn in Australia. Overall, the summer months were pretty mild and wet.

While we had a 40 degree day in late February, high 20's-low 30's was the norm and the air-con was switched-on only occasionally.

With the dam level reaching a dangerously low level of 15% at the start of the year, La Nina and the rain she brought couldn't have come at a better time. More than half of the summer days were rainly. As a result, dam level has improved to almost 40% now and the we are allowed to water the garden by hose for one hour this weekend. But since we have already installed a giant water tank (which is full most of the time), we haven't been using mains water for gardening purpose for quite a long while already.

The heavy rains also brought drought relief to the rural areas. The central and northern parts of Queensland, though, suffered much from severe flooding.

According to weather forecasters, La Nina is here to stay for the time being and the autumn is likely to be wetter than normal.