Too many airheads

So, the airheads win. But who actually are the airheads? Don't expect The Triumph of the Airheads to give you an answer.

From the subtitle - And the Retreat from Commonsense - and the blurb - If you’re smart, be smarter: play dumb - you would expect the author to be talking about the Paris Hiltons and George W Bushes of this world.

# Airheads is the title of a comic movie from the mid 90s, in which a group of loser musicians take a radio station hostage in order to get some airplay of their songs.

But no. Shelley Gare also laments bright maths and science students going into investment banking so they can make truckloads of money, parents who want their kids to be their status symbol, and politicians spending millions on spin doctors while schools and hospitals go begging.

I stopped reading after the first two chapters and got the impression that airheads are all those that the author dislike.

May I also add that this book has no structure whatsoever? Just the author mumbling through.

Would Susan Jacoby's The Age of American Unreason be better?

- Susan Jacoby: Bemoaning an America that values stupidity