New Firefox, same old Firefox

Yes, I have downloaded Firefox 3 and am using it. I don't know why they decided to call it 3 instead of, say, 2.5, since from the perspective of an ordinary user like me, the improvements of Firefox 3 over Firefox 2 are marginal.

The browser technology really has matured to the point where you can't expect exciting new features anymore, even with the release of a new version.

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  1. I have been doing some system testing with Firefox 2 and 3, and unfortunately some problems appear only in FF3. This gives me a lot of trouble. Nowaday, software houses are more interested in telling people that they are still alive by rolling out sub-standard upgrade versions without much user benefits. You blog-nerd, agree???

  2. I consider myself a layman, so I wouldn't have anything profound to say about whether software houses roll out sub-standard upgrades.

    As said in the post, I couldn't find any major new or improved features in the new Firefox.

    In fact, from my daily usage, I found one problem specific with Firefox 3. I use Google's blog search to look for blog entries with some specific Chinese terms. The resulting web addresses were memorised as history and can be re-used without problem.

    Not anymore under Firefox 3. The Chinese terms would become "wrong codes". Now, I need to go to blog search starting page and key in the Chinese terms, every time.