Gay always an issue, I am afraid

One of the highlights of the Beijing Olympics for me was Matthew Mitcham's near perfect last dive to capture the 10m platform diving gold (Look who took gold for platform diving!).

I remember reading, the next morning, an online news (from Sydney Morning Herald I think, but am not 100% sure) mentioning that Mitcham was "openly gay" (or words like that), and was criticised by readers for making gay an issue.

What has gay got to do with gold?!

Now, it's the other way round. Lots of gay-oriented websites criticised NBC for failing to mention that Mitcham was gay. The implication was that NBC, and US media in general, couldn't deal with a gay man being a sports champion.

Outsports.com: NBC defends not saying Mitcham is gay

What has gay got to do with gold?!