Look who took gold for platform diving!

How Matthew Mitcham won men's 10m platform diving gold - an arithmetic account

Scores after 5 dives, with 1 remaining:
* 458.35 Luxin Zhou
* 425.85 Matthew Mitcham
* 423.20 Gleb Galperin
* 422.90 Liang Huo

- Zhou led the pack by at least 30 points
- Seemed gold was settled, while silver and bronze were up for grabs.
- Zhou had a terrible last dive (by his very high standard) and scored only 74.8.
- Mitcham needed 107.30 to win, Galperin 109.95, and Huo 110.25.
- From memory, 3.8 was the degree of difficulty for the other 3 in their last dive.
- That meant gold was still an arithmetic possibility for all 3, given that the perfect score would be (10+10+10)*3.8=114.
- Mitcham did the almost impossible by scoring (9.5+10+10)*3.8=112.1 for his last dive and surpassed Zhou. Apparently this was the highest score ever in an Olympic diving event.
- Galperin scored 102.60.
- Huo, who dived last, had no hope of taking gold, given that Mitcham led him by 115.05. And he scored only 85.5.
- Australia's Matthew Mitcham got the gold and dashed the hope of China clean-sweeping golds in all 8 diving events in this Olympics.

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