Hallelujah !!!

Hallelujah for Cohen's triple chart success (SMH/Guardian, 23/12/08)

Leonard Cohen saw Hallelujah claim the No.1, No.2 and No.36 spots in Britain's Christmas top 40 on Sunday. It was the first time in 51 years that the same song had taken the two top spots.

Alexandra Burke, the winner of this year's X Factor reality TV talent contest, unsurprisingly stormed into the top spot ...

In second place was the late [Jeff] Buckley's interpretation of the song ...

Thirty-four places behind Buckley, at an appropriately elder statesman-like pace, marched Cohen with his original, at No.36 in the charts.

(Didn't I just say in my previous post that of all the Christmas songs, I only like John Lennon's Happy X'mas (War is Over)? Well, Cohen's Hallelujah may have enjoyed unprecedented success in the British Christmas chart, but it's definitely NOT a Christmas song. It's not even a religious song, for god's sake! Lennon's is not religious either, but at least it IS a Christmas song.)

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