Happy Christmas for all

Among the hundreds of Christmas songs floating around during this time of the year, this is the ONLY one I enjoy listening to, time after time after time:

Taking about John Lennon, I am now reading the book Memories of John Lennon and would like to share with you this paragraph from Desmond Morris, which I find amusing:

Peace protesters everywhere started to use "Imagine" as a kind of hymn, and the song's impact continued to grow and grow after John's murder in New York. Its message of universal love was attracted to many Christians, and the church appealed to John's widow, Yoko Ono, to allow them to omit the phrase "and no religion too." To her great credit she replied, "Of course it can't be deleted." Her wishes have not always been respected, however, the song sometimes being sung without the offending words. One poet even managed to recite her own version of the song using the phrase "and one religion too."