Spiritual 跟 Brokeback Mountain 的關係

因發仔離去想到撫慰心靈想到Haden & Metheny的Spiritual,再想到半年前寫的一篇全文如下:


Spiritual來自Charlie HadenPat Metheny合作的Beyond the Missouri Sky (Short Stories)

原曲作者是Charlie Haden之子Josh,收在以他為首的Spain的The Blue Moods of Spain

上面的"MTV",乃某網友將Brokeback Mountain片段配上Spiritual而成,雖有雙重侵權之嫌,大抵也有撫慰心靈甚至悼念亡靈之意吧。

將Brokeback Mountain配上Spiritual,我當時認為有撫慰心靈甚至悼亡(Heath Ledger)之意。其實未必。原來Brokeback Mountain作者Annie Proulx在寫作期間確曾受該曲啟發:

It was a hard story to write. Sometimes it took weeks to get the right phrase or descriptor for particular characters. ... The most difficult scene was the paragraph where, on the mountain, Ennis holds Jack and rocks back and forth, humming, the moment mixed with childhood loss and his refusal to admit he was holding a man. This paragraph took forever to get right and I played Charlie Haden and Pat Metheny's "Spiritual" from their album Beyond the Missouri Sky (Short Stories) uncountable times trying to get the words. I was trying to write the inchoate feelings of Jack and Ennis, the sad impossibility of their liaison, which for me was expressed in that music. To this day I cannot hear that track without Jack and Ennis appearing before me. The scraps that feed a story come from many cupboards.


(Brokeback Mountain我只看過電影,沒讀過原著)

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  1. 我只看過書,沒看過電影

  2. 聽這類音樂,有時確可以撫慰心靈,但也有可能會令人觸景傷情。