Krugman, Hayek and Kung

My ex-colleague and good friend Francis asked my opinion on Hans Kung's The Catholic Church and which books by Paul Krugman and F.A. Hayek to read.

Hans Kung's The Catholic Church: A Short History is generally regarded as a masterpiece. Despite his obvious authority on this subject, I didn't enjoy this book very much (a bit boring to be precise).

Paul Krugman's books are usually very accessible. A good starting point is The Return of Depression Economics and the Crisis of 2008, which was originally written almost 10 years ago on the economic crises in Asia and Latin America. He has expanded the book to analyse the current economic crisis that America (and the whole world) is facing. For a good introduction to the "new trade" theory which earns him the Nobel recognition, try Geography and Trade.

You may also consider reading his manifesto: The Conscience of a Liberal.

Unlike Krugman, most of Hayek's works are "scholastic", with the exception of The Road to Serfdom, which he wrote for the general public.

For a collection of his best essays, I recommend The Essence of Hayek.

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