Life's Been Good

昨天朋友問我為甚麼在Blogger profile上有Life's Been Good之句。

其實,也沒有甚麼深意,只是覺得既然要寫金句,當然想寫短小精警的。於是想起Joe Walsh當年在Eagles Live中瘋裏瘋氣地唱過這首好命男自述曲。

Life's Been Good To Me So Far

而這,正是我人生至今的寫照。希望一生走到盡頭,仍能說Life's Been Good。

(無畫面只有歌詞的Eagles Live版本前半部分。全曲接近10分鐘)

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  1. The song is kind of interesting. Obviously not a very serious composition. But "Life has been good" should be a very good summary of your life. Next time when you are back, pls let me know and gather again.

    This is Saturday morning, and I am making my Vietnamese coffee. I usually do not drink coffee in the morning. I did when I went to Vietnam back in 2006 with my sister. Every morning, I had a very simple but enjoyable breakfast in the basement of the small hotel where I stayed. A middle-aged woman served me, with smile and body language. She had make-up but did not talk too much perhaps because she could not express herself in English. Also she reminded me of the movie 投奔怒海. Life must be tough for her in those years, and now, life should be quite good by Vietnamese standard. Hopefully life will be good in the coming years to her.

    Also when I drink the coffee, I have to remind myself that life has been good to me.

    Just finished my coffee, and life is good. I like your motto.

  2. i'm lucky, cause life's been good to me, so far. and i should be content with this luck. but i'm not.

    it's upsetting to see people around me living lives that are often troubled by sickness, unhappiness, anxiety, and downright hopelessness.