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(all from Sydney Morning Herald, 09-12-19)

So it is not surprising that we also believe in this, our miraculous Saint Mary:

The Vatican last night cleared the way for Mary MacKillop to become Australia's first saint by endorsing her second miracle.

The Congregation of the Causes of Saints issued a papal decree about 11.30pm Sydney time recognising the miracle - the complete and permanent cure of a Hunter Valley woman of inoperable lung cancer and secondary cancer of the brain.

MacKillop, who died in 1909, was an educator of the poor. She co-founded a religious order, the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart, which has 1000 nuns and a central chapel in North Sydney today.

She was beatified in 1995 after the recognition of her first miracle - the cure in 1961 of a woman with leukaemia who prayed for the nun's intercession. Since then MacKillop, the daughter of Scottish immigrants, has developed a large following and has been credited with intercession in many high-profile medical cases.

(Our Mother Mary: a model for the world, SMH 09-12-20)