Sanuki Udon, Australian Wheat

Today's The Weekend Australian has a "Hungry Tourist" article by Alistair Jones - Oodles of noodles in Takamatsu - detailing his trip to Takamatsu on Japan's Shikoku Island to sample its famous Udon noodle.

I just want to add one piece of information not mentioned in the article. According to Jones, "Ramen, soba, somen and udon are the big four for noodle-hunters. My favourite is soba but it's the thicker white udon I'm stalking. It can sometimes be bland, even sloppy, but I hear sanuki udon from the island of Shikoku has a firmer texture and more flavour. Shikoku's warm climate allows the cultivation of wheat and the production of a local flour. Udon is, after all, just wheat flour kneaded with salted water."

But the fact is, the vast majority of wheat flour used for Sanuki Udon making is now imported from Australia.

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