Computer totally hijacked by Antivira AV

Removal methods are complicated and I had no success implementing them at all. Looks like my MSI netbook is doomed.

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  1. 那個是spyware來的呀~
    開windows時用safe mode,去網上找個spyware detector再scan啦!

  2. (can't type chinese at the moment)

    like what you mentioned, most methods start with running windows from safe mode. i had problems even with this seemingly simple procedure. for some reason, pressing f8 had no effect at all.

    to cut a long story short, i eventually decided to take drastic action and do a system restore. so i lost all installed programs. data saved on a separate drive seem to be safe. and the spyware seems to have gone. now it's the long process of re-installing my often used programs.

    (i have forgotten to save the most recent firefox bookmarks before system restore. i do have an older copy somewhere. should be ok)

  3. 已經可以打中文了。但還有很多programs要重新安裝。還找不到比較新近的bookmark備份 :-(

  4. What Windows are you using?
    If Windows 7, go to:


    In Windows XP, I think it is in \\Documents and Settings\{your_user_name}\ApplicatoinData\Mozilla ...... so on.

  5. but i have already cleared the c drive!

  6. 你 system restore 不是只 restore 前幾天的 backup 的嗎??????
    你將整個 OS restore?????
    今次弄好後,去做一次system backup,那麼下次(touch wood!)不用再重頭來過。

    去 search: Windows 7 System restore
    找一找 procedures

  7. system restore以前也試過。不過我疑心用system restore解決不了antivira av的問題。因為如果是可行的方法,為甚麽我google了這麽久,都沒人建議這個相對簡單的方法?因此我傻傻的狠起心腸,殺之可也!



  8. 我的上網bookmarks都上載在igoogle自己的首頁上,沒有輸入電腦很久了。
    你用IE或 Firefox,igoogle 都可以一次過抄晒過去的。