Complete Cohen

The Complete Columbia Albums Collection is the most complete collection to date of Leonard Cohen's seminal body of work, collecting all 17 of his studio and live albums, with each album packaged in an LP-style sleeve duplicating that album's original cover art. This handsomely packaged box set also includes a 36-page booklet with new liner notes by noted author Pico Iyer, vintage photos and session credits.

● Songs of Leonard Cohen
● Songs From a Room
● Songs of Love and Hate
● Live Songs
● New Skin for the Old Ceremony
● Death of a Ladies' Man
● Recent Songs
● Various Positions
● I'm Your Man
● The Future
● Cohen Live
● Field Commander Cohen: Tour of 1979
● 10 New Songs
● Dear Heather
● Live in London — 2 CDs
● Live at the Isle of Wight 1970
● Song From the Road

Expect to pay for lavishness though. For a budget version, with studio albums only:

The Complete Studio Albums Collection contains all 11 of Leonard Cohen's remastered studio albums packaged in special a lift-off box along with a lavish 36-page booklet including all discographical annotations and recording information, as well as a brilliant 1,300-word essay by Pico Iyer.

All these, of course, are commercial prelude for the release, probably early next year, of Leonard Cohen's new album, tentatively titled Old Ideas. ( see Heck of a Guy: Heck of a Guy: “Old Ideas” – The New Leonard Cohen Album)

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