Bluffing your way through discussions on Capital in 21C

After reading the book's introduction, Solow's review, and Fox's summary, one should be well-equipped to bluffing one's way through any intelligent discussions on Thomas Piketty's hugely popular# Capital in the Twenty-First Century (almost 700 pages thick!)

- Thomas Piketty/Harvard University Press: From the Introduction to Capital in the Twenty-First Century, by Thomas Piketty*

- Robert Solow: Thomas Piketty Is Right - Everything you need to know about 'Capital in the Twenty-First Century'

- Justin Fox: Piketty’s “Capital,” in a Lot Less than 696 Pages

# The physical book is currently sold out in Amazon. See Marc Tracy: Piketty's 'Capital': A Hit That Was, Wasn't, Then Was Again

* The book's introductory chapter is actually longer, including more technical/personal sections such as The Sources Used in This Book; The Major Results of This Study; Forces of Convegence, Forces of Divergence; and The Theoretical and Conceptual Framework