How to Explain Xi Jinping’s Mounting Foreign-Policy Failures (附中譯)

- (Foreign Policy) Robert Manning & James Przystup: How to Explain Xi Jinping’s Mounting Foreign-Policy Failures
No one, not even President Barack Obama, has done more to make the United States welcome in Asia than Chinese President Xi Jinping. Since 2012, Xi’s foreign policy has unraveled years of careful efforts on China’s part to persuade its Asian neighbors of the “win-win” benefits of China’s peaceful rise. Under Xi, Beijing has suffered a series of diplomatic setbacks so counterproductive that they raise serious questions about his foreign-policy competence. 
A brief review of the past three years shows a remarkable string of failures and foreign-policy defeats.
此文其實集中描述習近平的外交挫敗,反而"How to explain"這部分輕輕帶過:
How to explain all this? After the 2008-2009 U.S. financial crisis, Chinese analysts mistakenly concluded that the United States was in terminal decline, and that China’s moment had come to undo a century of humiliation by asserting its influence rather than biding its time as it developed its economy. 
Thus, Chinese strategy is based on flawed assumptions: that China, with geography on its side, is getting bigger and militarily stronger, and that a declining United States will gradually leave the region. Asian nations will have no choice but to pay deference to China’s interests.

- Simon Shen: 10 Characteristics of Chinese Diplomacy in the Xi Jinping Era (沈旭暉:習近平時代中國外交的十大特色