Hollywood Twin 房型?

從前在訂房網站看到“Hollywood twin”房型,一頭霧水,不知是什麼東東。

幸好有古狗。原來“Hollywood twin”,即把兩張單人床拼合成一張雙人床,讓你俩可一床大被同眠。




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誤會大了,根據這條Yahoo! Answers,有位阿Tom哥提供的解釋,可拼可分雙人床之所以叫“Hollywood twin”,反倒是因為30-50年代,荷里活電影對鏡頭描繪男女關係,規範嚴格而保守,例如男女定要分床!

- Yahoo! Answers: Hollywood twin bed?

Tom's answer: My guess is that the term came about because of the Hays Code, which set certain moral standards for films to follow from the 30s through the 50s. One of which was that a man and woman couldn t be shown in bed together. Thus, you saw married couples side by side in twin beds. And when a man would sit on a bed with a woman on it, you ll notice that one foot would always remain on the ground.

- Wikipedia: Motion Picture Production Code (即Tom提到的Hays Code)

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